G School of English Language

English Learning Program

G School’s ‘English Learning Program’ is a very comprehensive course. It is designed to be a wholesome course. It focuses on all four pillars of a language i.e Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It contains the elements of Personality Development, Fluency Development and Public Speaking skills.

Salient features of this program are as follows:

180 hours Highly Structured Extensive Learning Program
• Four Fold development of fundamental LSRW Skills
• Easy to grasp step by step Learning modules
• Rigorous Speaking and Listening Practice sessions
• High Frequency vocabulary building

• MTI Neutralisation Program
• 'How to crack Interview' sessions
• Fluency Development Program
• Personality Development Program
• Readymade phrases and structures
for effective conversational skills

• Confidence building and Hesitation Removal
• Emphasis on Public Speaking and
Presentational Skills
• IELTS/TOEFL and SAT preparation
• English for Competitive Exams
• Lifetime Membership

Preliminary G1

G1 covers all the fundamentals required to have a strong foundation to understand the more advanced topics in level G2.  It is designed to enable students understand the basic structure of the language. Daily use vocabulary and speaking practice are essential features of this level.

After completing this level, students are able to speak all the daily use sentences with fluency and confidence.

Some key features are as follows:

• Tenses
• Correct use of all types of Pronouns
• Correct use of all types of ‘Used to’
• Joining of two types of tenses
• Basic Special Structures
• Special focus on Pronunciation
• Daily use Vocabulary
• Extensive Speaking practice Sessions

Intermediate G2

G2 covers all the advanced topics from spoken point of view. This level is very comprehensive literally covering hundreds of sentential structures.

Level G2 is designed to cover all the parts of speech, modal auxiliaries, passive structures and reported speech very thoroughly so as to enable a student to actually be able to speak more naturally and fluently even the most complex sentences.

After completing Level G2, a student becomes so knowledgeable that he is virtually able to form any kind of sentence confidently.

Some key features are as follows:

• Use of Dummy Subjects
• Structures of Linking verbs
• Modals
• Active Passive
• Narrations
• conditionals
• Correct use of all types of Adjectives
• Correct use of all types of Prepositions
• Correct use of all types of Adverbs
• Correct use of all types of Conjunctions
• Extensive Speaking practice Sessions

Advanced G3

Level G3 is designed specifically for those extra curious students who want to attain absolute native like command over the language. It contains learning of idiomatic expressions, differences between US and UK varieties of English and an extensive guided listening practice through audio-visual media.

Admission in this level is reserved only to the students who have cleared their level G1 and level G2 with at 90 percent score. However,very rarely, a special entry may be considered only on the basis of an Interview and a written test at the discretion of the program director.

Some key features of this level are as follows:

• Focused Listening Practice
• Non-Finite verbs
• Causative Verbs
• Correct use of Articles

• Punctuation
• Extempore and Group Discussions
• Passives of Special structures
• Study of Slangs and non-standard
spoken structures
• Difference between British
and American English
• Idioms/ Phrases/Collocations
• Advanced Writing Skills
• Extensive Speaking practice Sessions


Achieve your required band

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is one of the most prestigious English language exam in the world. our faculties have more than 10 years of experience in getting our students their required bands. Continuous evaluation and regular practice tests are the most important tools that we make our students use to achieve their aim.


work or study in US

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a foreing language. Despite being similar to IELTS guided practice to master the pattern of the test is required. Our faculties understand this and make all the students practice regorously.

TOEFL is accepted among many US universities and private colleges as a standard of general linguistic competency of a non native speaker.

Personality Development

Change the way you look at yourself

Our Personality Development program is unique and full of practical instructions. This is not just some theoretical course. This program is not to learn, it is to be lived everyday. It is designed in such a way that our students feel the change in their attitudes right from the first day through implementable steps practised by them throughout the course to inculcate new habits and rituals and replacing the old ones at the same time.

Some key features of the program are as follows:

• 60 hours of highly structured
training program
• A step by step guide with practical and
implementable instructions
• Presentational Skills development
• Public speaking skills development
• Understanding personality, types and traits
• Soft skills training
• Communication skills training
• Body language training

MTI Neutralisation

Speak in a neutral accent

MTI ( Mother toungue influence ) Neutralisation program focuses on rigorous Reading practice, Listening sessions, Repition and pronunciation practice. This program is integrated into all our English learning programs i.e G1, G2 and G3.

Guided reading, Listening and pronunciation training is imparted regularly to those students who have greater influence in their speech .

Vocabulary Building

Words are the building blocks

Words are the essence of a language. knowing ample words is essential to be able to express clearly and exactly. Fluency can only be a dream without having sufficient word bank. Having good Vocabulary seems to be an uphill task.

Our Vocabulary building program is integrated into all our English Learning Programs. G School has a unique approach towards building a permanent and sufficient vocabulary.

According to Oxford, we need to know only 3000 most used words to speak fluent English.

Our programs cover more than 800 high frquency words in classroom training and several hundred through reading and listening material which give our students the knowledge and confidence to become excellent speakers.

Competitive English

Beat the competition

Our Competitive English program is desinged to hit multiple competitive exams simultaneously. It prepares a candidate for exams like : Bank PO, NDA, CDS, SSC ( CGL, LDC, MTS), MBA, Hotel Management, MCA, UPSC AND B Ed etc.

Extensive knowledge of grammar alongwith consistent and regular practice hits the bull’s-eye.


Corporate Training

Our Corporate training program is designed to train corporate employees on a mass scale in rapid training sessions consisting of fluency development, writing skills, listening skills through audio visual aids, personality development, presentational skills and confidence building techniques.

Bulk admissions on a discounted fee are provided. In house training for corporates is also provided subject to certain conditions.

For further information, please contact program director.

Academic Coaching

Excel in Academics

At G School, we provide excellent academic coaching. All the faculties are highly experienced and dedicated to excellence.Regular evaluation through tests gives our students and edge.Conceptual clarity along with daily writing practice leads to excellent scores in examinations.

Academic coaching is provided from standard I to XII for the following subjects.

• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• Accounts
• Economics
• Physics
• Sanskrit
• Computer Science

Fluency Development Program

Be Fluent

FDP is integrated into all English Learning Program levels i.e G1, G2 and G3. This program contains all the techniques required to be fluent at spoken language. It includes all the most common contractions, colloquial expressions, cliches, collocations and guided pronunciation practices. 

Many other proven fluency development techniques that are used are : story telling, JAM, WDILY, WDIDY, presentations, mock interviews and GD sessions.

How to Crack Interview

Master your Interview skills

Cracking an interview needs more skills than having fluent English. It needs excellent presentational skills to put one’s ideas forth with confidence. It needs throrough preparation of basic questions about oneself, education, job experience and other analytical cross questions .

Our Interview preparation program prepares you to face any kind of Interview with confidence through rigourous practice. Our faculties prepare each candidate as per their profiles and job requirements.

we work on all the aspects of a job interview from body language to complex psychological questions.

Public speaking skills

Beat the stage fright

Public Speaking Skills development is seamlessly integrated into all English Learning Program levels i.e G1, G2 and G3. This program contains all the techniques required to be confident at speaking at a public platform.

It includes daily presentation on a chosen topic, Repitions of given tasks, body language and pronunciation training, extempore, confidence buliding and hasitation removal through rigorous daily practice and content accumulation and retention techniques.