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NOTIFICATION : Dear All, This is to inform you that :  Two New Batches for Spoken English Program are going to be started soon 

December 2020.


MORNING : 9 am to 10 am. 

EVENING : 7 pm to 8 pm.

Contacts : 9891239439, 9990738870

Sangeet gaur
Program Director

G School of English Language is one of the best institutions for Spoken English, IELTS preparation and personality development courses in East Delhi.  More than a thousand students have undergone spoken English courses successfully since its inception in September 2012. G School is situated at a convenient location which is just 300 meters from both Ryan International school and Red Fox Hotel in Mayur Vihar III. For more information please go through “Who We Are”.

Following are all our programs at a glance. For detailed information about programs please go through “Courses”.

Preliminary G1

Covers all the basics necessary to understand the language easily and to prepare a solid foundation to be able to grasp intermediate concepts quickly and aptly. Confusion in fundamentals is one of the primary reasons for lack of confidence and common errors in speaking and writing.

Intermediate G2

Students master all the structures and parts of speech necessary to be fluent and versatile in all kinds of conversations. A student acquires all four skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and is confident and knowledgeable enough to face an interview or a group discussion as well as to participate in a casual conversation.

Advanced G3

This level focuses on idiomatic expressions, difference between US and UK expressions, Extensive listening practice to attain native speaker like proficiency and all round development and expansion of knowledge of all those students who have cleared their G1 and G2 levels.

G School is one of the few institutions in East Delhi that provides premium coaching for IELTS and TOEFL i.e World’s most renowned English language tests. Our faculties have vast experience in making students understand and practice the tests and help them obtain their required bands. Our in depth program on Competitive English prepares our students to crack any entrance test. 

Academic Coaching

At G School we provide excellent academic coaching. All the faculties are highly experienced and dedicated to excellence. Regular evaluation through tests gives our students and edge. Conceptual clarity along with daily writing practice leads to excellent scores in examinations.

Personality Development

Our Personality Development program is unique and full of practical instructions. This is not just some theoretical course. This program is not to learn, it is to be lived everyday. It is designed in such a way that our students feel the change in their attitudes right from the first day through implementable steps practised by them throughout the course to inculcate new habits and rituals and replacing the old ones at the same time.

Corporate Training

Our Corporate training program is designed to train corporate employees on a mass scale in rapid training sessions consisting of fluency development, writing skills, listening skills through audio visual aids, personality development, presentational skills and confidence building techniques.

Bulk admissions on a discounted fee are provided. In house training for corporates is also provided subject to certain conditions.

Group Discussion

Group discussion is an integral part of all our levels. GDs are held on a variety of topics regularly as part of the session and also independently among various study groups formed by students among themselves. 

GDs are highly effective in fluency development and confidence building of the students.

Learn New words everyday

According to Oxford, we need to know only 3000 most used words to speak fluent English. Having good Vocabulary seems to be an uphill task. G School has a unique approach towards building a permanent and sufficient vocabulary.

Our programs cover more than 800 high frquency words which give our students the knowledge and confidence to become excellent speakers.

Fluency Development and Public speaking skills

Fluency Development Program is integrated into our English Learning Program. FDP contains several hundred contractions and other practical techniques including regular listening and reading practices.

Public speaking skills are inculcated thoughout our sessions using proven methodologies to improve presentational skills and to remove stage fright.

How to Crack Interview

Cracking an interview needs more skills than having fluent English. It needs excellent presentational skills to put one’s ideas forth with confidence. It needs throrough preparation of basic questions about oneself, education, job experience and other analytical cross questions .

Our Interview preparation program prepares you to face any kind of Interview with confidence through rigourous practice. Our faculties prepare each candidate as per their profiles and job requirements.

Life Time Membership

All G school students are protected financially under Lifetime membership policy. Once you  are registered and have paid the fees in full, you automatically become a lifetime member. 

However, membership of any student can be terminated any time without prior notice if the school management finds the student breaching the rules and regulations or if the conduct of the student is inappropriate.


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